Because checking for mail sucks

MailGapp was designed for virtual office customers who are tired of running back and forth to the office. We can show you what's in your mailbox without you having to make the trip.

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Increased Convenience

MailGapp takes the guesswork out of checking the mailbox so you always know the right time to pick up your mail.

Decreased Carbon Footprint

Reducing our global impact, one user at a time.

Protect Your Privacy

You want the public knowing your small business, not your home address.

Perfect for Packages

MailGapp uploads your packages as well so you never have to wonder when the mailman is going to drop off a package you need to sign for.

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Make Your Customers Happy

MailGapp is designed to create the most convenient and user-friendly experience for your mailing center's clients.

Make Your Receptionist Happy

Allow your receptionist to do her job without being inundated with requests to check individual client’s mailbox for them.

Increase Revenue Not Overhead

Our app will help to maximize revenue from your current space by attracting new customers at no added cost to your business.

We Mean No Overhead

Our app's upload feature eliminates the need for an expensive scanner to upload the mail to customers.

What is MailGapp?

We are the modern day courier. The first cloud based postal mail service. Our app manages and facilitates your business needs by delivering your mail to your mobile device through the cloud. When managing a small business, it’s not about real time, it’s about the right time. Don’t waste valuable time running back and forth to the mailbox looking for that important check until you know it’s in your mailbox. Think of it as visual mail forwarding. You get to see every piece of mail in your mailbox before receiving the physical object. We take the guesswork out of postal mail by putting the mail in the palm of your hand and allowing you to focus on the more important tasks involved with running a business. With the new MailGapp app, you always know when it’s the right time.

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